Sample Animations for the Mel Lab

This is a sample of some of the animations I have made for the Mel lab in the past couple years. I made them using Raydream 5.0. Overall, I made about 150 movies. I also did about 150 schematics for the lab, using Adobe Illustrator. These animations are organized in reverse chronological order, so you can see how my skills developed over the two years I worked in the Mel Lab. The animations are in Quicktime 4.0 and Animated Gif format.

Litmus Paper pH Tester (812k)

Electronic Ph Meter (660k)

Spectrophotometer (256k)

Multimedia Education Laboratory Introduction Movie (740k)

Fluidized Bed Dryer (104k)

Reverse Jet Fabric Filter (236k)

Banbury-Style Kneader Mixer (256k)

Muller Crushing Mixer (608k)

Screw Injection Molder (248k)

Cross Flow Cooling Tower (192k)

Chain Conveyor
ChainConv2.gif (628k)

Extrusion Blow Molder (92k)

Steam Purifier and Conditioner
Condit7.gif (464k)

External Mixing Air Atomizing Nozzle
ExNozA.gif (372k)

Internal Mixing Air Atomizing Nozzle
My very first movie for Mel!
IM-NOZ3.gif (372k)

I hope you enjoyed seeing these animations. Version 2.0 of the cd is out now, and I think you can order it from the Mel lab home Page. Also, if you would like to see how these animations fit into the cd, you can run a sample of the Powdercoating Module, from Here.

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