Lyrics from the many soundtracks and compilations White Zombie has contributed to.

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  • Private Parts Soundtrack-""
  • Beavis and Butthead Do America Soundtrack -"Big Tanks, Rat Finks, and Suicide Girls"
  • Beavis and Butthead Experience-"I am Hell"
  • The Crow 2: City of Angels Soundtrack -"I'm Your Boogieman "
  • Escape From L.A. Soundtrack-"The One"
  • Guitars that Rule the World Vol 2 -"Blues"
  • Nativity In Black-"Children of the Grave"
  • X-Files Soundtrack: Songs in the Key of X -"Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn)"
  • Airheads Soundtrack -"Feed the Gods"

    I AM HELL (From the MTV's "Beavis and Butt-head Experience" Compilation) "yeah, sorcita! nu nam-o wan gumba!" yeah, we've been in the fightin' games late-ly, like we're playin' a gun yeah, i can't remember what the hell i've tried, you and me we ran across the black of the celin' i can't live without my gun.. the hell is comin' wow, wow, wooow! might he kill 'em, might he kill again, killin it! might he kill 'em, might he kill again, killin it! might he kill 'em, might he kill again, killin it! might he kill 'em, might he kill again, killin it! i am hell. sir.. i am hell. sir.. i am hell. sir.. i am hell. sir.. yeah, while i imagine in my gear the brother start to tremble, raw nerve impound the black end let me wrap my mouth and get healin' love gets her shoutin' and the beast is shoutin' yeah, well i am-a rollin' i'm rollin' harder in cold breatin' wanna get up early i get a more to clip me deeply yeah, keep holdin' me baby you're movin' faster in my feelin's a-bite down early i want a chance to dig it in you yeah, reach down and light my roll and feel it let me run it through you i took for fighting and i livin' in myself when i'm feelin' a little fightin' and the beast is shoutin' i am hell i am hell i am hell i am hell -v- * yes! huh huh... that was cool. % yeah, heh heh... hey butt-head, how come like, some stuff sucks, but then like, some stuff is pretty cool? heh heh... * uh... huh huh... well, huh huh... if nothing sucked, and like, everything was cool all the time, then it's like, how would you know it was cool? huh huh... % heh heh, i would know. heh heh... you just said, everything would be cool. heh heh... * i mean like, if i wasn't here. huh huh... % oh yeah, yeah. heh heh... that would be cool. heh heh.. * no, butt-munch. i mean like, let's say someone came up and just hit you upside the head. % yeah. heh heh... * well, huh huh... that would be cool. huh huh... % no it wouldn't, that would suck! * yeah. uh! % ahhh! cut it out, butt-hole. * uh! % ahh! heh heh... * huh huh... now that was cool! huh huh... % no it wasn't, that sucked! heh heh... * huh huh.. yeah, but like, huh huh... ya know after it's over, huh huh... doesn't it like, feel pretty cool? huh huh... % heh heh... oh yeah, yeah, heh heh, yeah, heh heh... * see, it't like, you need stuff that sucks to have stuff that's cool. huh huh... % oh yeah, yeah, heh heh, yeah, heh. do that again. * uh! % ahh! ok, do it again. * huh huh... uh! % ah! heh heh... cool! heh, do it again. * uh! % ah! cool. heh heh... * huh huh... -^- CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE (Black Sabath's cover) Revolution in their minds - the children start to march Against the world in which they have to live and all the hate that's in their hearts They're tired of being pushed around and told just what to do They'll fight the world until they've won and hell* comes flowing through (*love in original version) In los angeles, 1969, they shot, stabbed, and blugeoned 9 people to death committing one of the most heinous acts in history Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today Will the sun rise up tomorrow bringing peace in any way? Must the world live in the shadow of atomic fear? Can they win the fight for peace or will they disappear? So you children of the world, listen to what I say If you want a better place to live in spread the words today Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave Or you children of today are Children of the Grave, Yeah!